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Sylvie Labrecque was born in Saguenay, Quebec. She holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts and a certificate in Education. Creativity has been Sylvie’s preferred way of communicating with and relating to her world. In the last five years, her artistic efforts have grown to become a full time occupation, resulting in a singular style and consolidated artistic statement.


Her works have been shown in Saguenay, Oklahoma State and throughout Eastern Ontario. In November 2017 she had a successful solo show ”Quiet Forcefulness” at the AOE Gallery in Ottawa. She lives in Glen Walter, Ontario.


Several years ago, discovering the magic of color pencils was a turning point in Sylvie’s artistic journey. When her pencil met the wood surface it really changed her approach; working on a “living” surface has been a constant inspiration, allowing the natural lines of the wood to influence her work.


Artist Statement


My work is inspired by nature and especially the Mountain, which, despite the passage of time and the ever-changing seasons, remains the same; a quiet force, enduring all. The Mountain demands resilience and the effort to exceed ourselves.


Through my pencils I define the Mountain’s silhouette deeply rooted in the wood-ground.


The link with nature is influenced by my choice of support; a wood panel base. With colored layers, the landscape is revealed through the wood’s natural texture, and gentle fading allows the colours to retreat into the grain of the wood.


Strong lines from the mountains stretch endlessly towards the colorful skies.


The drawings expose a peaceful space, which only seeks to take root in you.






 2017 AOE Gallery: Force Tranquille

2015 Théatre d’Aultsville et Your Art Council: Pour un instant



 2019 Art Gone Wild Show, Cailuan Gallery

2018 Association Focus Annuel Juried Show

         First place mixted media

 2018 Cailuan Gallery group show

 2017 Association Focus Annuel Juried Show

         Second place mixted media                

2016 Marianne Van Silfhout gallery Annuel Juried Show: Art and Soul

         Selected for the poster

 2016 Association Focus Annuel Juried Show

          Second place mixted media

 2016 Le Corri’d’art Gallery groupe show

 2016 Galerie Eugène-Racette : Association Focus Art

 2015 TAG Gallery: Annual Juried Exhibition

 2014 TAG Gallery : Annual Juried Exhibition



 Many artworks in private collections / Plusieurs œuvres dans des collections privées



 2016 interview with Barbara Laurenstin : Entre Nous

 2015 interview with Liana Voia :



 Baccalauréat Interdisciplinaire in Fine Art Université du Québec in Chicoutimi

Certificat in Sciences of Education from Université du Québec in Chicoutimi



 Association Focus Art

 Pencil Art Society